Servicing only Sydney and its surrounding areas.


Possum Busters Roof Cavity Cleaning and Sanitising is an effective method to rid your house and ceiling space from unpleasant odours once the possums, birds or rodents have been removed.

Roof Cavity Cleaning & Sanitising
Our cleaning and sanitising service includes (but not limited to) where required:

  • Wiping down all surfaces with an alcohol based solution to remove the black tar like faeces and urine
  • Vacuuming of all faeces and debris
  • Removal of all destroyed insulation
  • Supply and installation of new insulation

Our technicians wear full safety gear when working in enclosed roof spaces where there may be a risk of lead/heavy metal based insulation and when handling chemicals.

If you are interested in our roof cleaning and sanitising services, please contact us or phone 1300 663772 for an obligation free quote.