Possums will urinate through your roof leaving yellow stains on your ceiling or walls.They will also leave fecal matter throughout the roof space.

Possums can get caught in lighting wires in your roof and damage lights. They won’t normally eat the wires but rats will. Both possums and rats are a fire hazard for this reason.

Possums make nests in insulation by tearing it up and moving it around your roof. Possums, rats and birds can all carry lice, ticks and other nasties, making them a health hazard.

They can die in your roof and the smell is very noticeable.

How To Remove A Possum In My Roof?

Possums are a protected species therefore cannot be harmed and require special removal. They are territorial animals and will die if take out side of their territory. Removing your possum is only one step required and repair to hole(s) in roof will be necessary. There is always the concern of them regaining entry if not executed correctly.

Please note if the possum is not inside your roof it is against the law to remove a possum from a tree/its habitat.

Understanding the work involved it is best to hire a professional such as Possum Busters trained staff to ensure your saftey, family’s health/wellbeing and ensure the job is completed humanely and effectly. We have a 12 month warrenty should the possum return, we will remove for free.

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