Possum Removal

Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline, emergency service and a 12-month guarantee.

*Possums that are located in surrounding trees or in the yard cannot be removed by Possum busters.


Bird Removal

Do you hear noises in your roof? Are birds keeping you awake all night? Are you getting bitten by something in your house? Do you have bird droppings everywhere?


Possum Boxes

Install a possum box in a tree in your yard and provide the possums with a safe alternative to residing in your roof.


Rodent Control

Did you know Australia has over 50 species of Rodents? We help eradicate them with the most effective, baiting with humane rodentacides.


Australians most trusted possum removal company with over 30 years’ experience.


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Some possum problems you can solve yourself, others may require the help of a trained professional.
Either way, we’d love to offer some advice.


All Areas

We have certified wildlife handlers all over Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, Wollongong, Southern Highlands, Melbourne and the NSW Central Coast.


12-Month Warranty Assurance

We’re fully insured and all our work is guaranteed for 12 months. If a possum gets back in your roof, we’ll fix it for free. Click below to check warranty.


Throughout Australia 3,000 strata and real estate agencies use Possum Busters services to humanely relocate possums and other wildlife that have become trapped or have taken in residence in properties.




Possum Removal

At Possum Busters, we practice Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline.


Possum Boxes

When you install a possum box in a tree in your yard, you are providing the possums with a safe alternative to residing in your roof.


Bird Control

Possum Busters Bird Removal is fast, reliable and 100% guaranteed for 12 months.


Rodent Control

Possum Busters Rodent Pest Management use top of the range Bell Laboratories Inc products – world leaders in rodent control technology.


Roof Repairs

Possum Busters Roof Repairs service is not just for if you are having issues with possums, rodents or birds. We are cost effective, reliable, fully insured and qualified to handle all of your roof repair needs.


Roof Plumbing

Possum Busters Roof Plumbing service can help with repairing your roof leaks. We are cost effective, reliable, fully insured and qualified to handle all of your roof plumbing needs.


Real Estate & Strata Agents

Throughout Australia 3,000 strata and real estate agencies use Possum Busters services to humanely relocate possums and other wildlife.

Possum Removal Services

Welcome to Possum Busters, your trusted partner in possum removal services. We are a team of certified wildlife handlers with years of experience in the industry. 

Our expertise lies in successfully removing possums and ensuring a safe and secure environment for you and your family. We pride ourselves on providing humane and professional services, always prioritising the well-being of these unique Australian creatures.

As seasoned possum busters, we specialise in efficiently removing possums from the roofs of residential and commercial properties. Using tried-and-tested techniques, our skilled possum trappers effectively remove these animals from roofs, alleviating your possum problems in no time.

Possum Problems and Solutions

Identifying Possum Problems

Recognising the signs of possum infestations can be challenging. Common possum problems include scratching noises in the roof, chewed wires, and droppings. If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to call in the experts.

Custom Solutions

We understand that every possum problem is unique. That’s why we tailor our approach based on your specific situation, delivering effective solutions that work best for you and the animals involved.

Pricing Information

We believe in transparency when it comes to our possum removal price. Our pricing model starts from a base rate, with custom quotes available depending on the complexity of your possum problem.

Our Difference

Choosing our services means investing in a quick response, effective methods, and the humane treatment of wildlife. With us, you can rest assured that your possum problems will be handled professionally and ethically, providing you peace of mind.


Contact us today, and let us help you reclaim your space from unwanted visitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I book a possum removal service?

To book our possum removal service, call us on 1300 663 372. We will ask you some questions over the phone to assess your possum problem and provide prompt assistance. 

Do you have certified possum catchers?

Yes, our possum catchers are highly professional and certified for the job. They have extensive experience and training and are well-equipped to handle your possum-related issues effectively and efficiently.

What is the cost of possum removal?

The cost of possum removal varies based on the job’s complexity. We provide transparent pricing and can offer a free quote tailored to your specific situation.

Can possums cause property damage?

Absolutely. Possums can cause damage to buildings by chewing on wood and electrical wires. Our services include identifying and addressing these damages as part of the possum removal process.

How can possums be humanely removed?

We utilise safe, humane methods to capture and relocate possums. Our trained professionals ensure non-harmful processes for possum removal.

Is it legal to remove possums from my property?

Removing possums from your roof is legal. However, it must be done humanely and following local wildlife regulations. If there is a possum on your property in the yard or near your home, we cannot remove them. Our certified team is committed to handling Australian wildlife responsibly, ensuring compliance with legal requirements.

How can I prevent possums from returning?

We offer guidance and solutions to make your property possum-proof, such as sealing entry points and removing enticements. Prevention is a crucial aspect of our service.

How long does the possum removal process take?

The duration of the possum removal process may vary, but we typically resolve issues within a few days. We also provide emergency services for urgent situations.