At Possum Busters, we practice Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline, emergency service and a 12-month guarantee.

Note: Possums that are located in surrounding trees or in the yard cannot be removed by Possum busters.

  • Fast efficient and humane removal of possums from residential and commercial premises.
  • Repairs to buildings to prevent the possibility of possums returning.
  • Treatments for infestation of rats and mice and repairs to prevent further ingress of rodents.
  • Treatment for unwanted nesting of birds in residential or commercial premises.
  • Roof cavity cleaning and sanitation. (Quoted separately to possum removal.)
  • Minor roof repairs.
  • Handmade Possum Nesting Boxes Available.


Adopt a Possum as a pet

It is illegal to keep native animals as pets, however a possum box in your yard will attract a possum. You can provide a home, watch it grow, have babies, and save it from busy streets.

WARNING!! Do not use rat poison in a roof if you think a possum is living there, arrange for professional removal. It is a cruel and painful death, it will smell and cause damage to your property.

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