Possum Removal

Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline, emergency service and a 12-month guarantee.

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Bird Removal

Do you hear noises in your roof? Are birds keeping you awake all night? Are you getting bitten by something in your house? Do you have bird droppings everywhere?

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Possum Boxes

Install a possum box in a tree in your yard and provide the possums with a safe alternative to residing in your roof.

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Rodent Control

Did you know Australia has over 50 species of Rodents? We help eradicate them with the most effective, baiting with humane rodentacides.

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Servicing real estate agents, strata managers and homeowners in the Sutherland Shire, NSW.


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12-Month Warranty Assurance


Possum Catcher

Do you live in the Sutherland Shire and dealing with a possum problem? Possum Busters, your local experts, are on hand to help. We specialise in possum removal, boasting a team of certified wildlife handlers trained by Wires for the humane treatment of Australian Wildlife and licensed by National Parks & Wildlife.

We recognise the significance of professionalism and guarantee that our team will quickly arrive to address your possum issue. Our approach to possum removal is not only compassionate but also fully insured. With Possum Busters, you can anticipate top-tier service.

Furthermore, we back the efficacy of our services by providing a 12-month warranty. If a possum revisits your roof within the first 12 months following our visit, we will remove it at no extra cost.

We are committed to delivering a safe and humane solution at Possum Busters. So, contact us if you’re experiencing possum problems in your home or property. Allow us to take care of your possum concerns so you can live comfortably.

Possum Catcher Sutherland Shire Warranty CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR WARRANTY


Understanding the Possum Problem in Sutherland Shire

While possums are indigenous to Australia and essential to our ecosystem, they can become a significant annoyance when encroaching on our living spaces in Sutherland Shire. Residents should recognise the usual signs of a possum invasion and comprehend the importance of professional possum removal services.

This understanding can assist you in identifying early indications of possum activity and averting potential damage to your property. Remember that managing these creatures necessitates expertise and comprehension of their behaviour. Consequently, professional assistance is crucial for effective and humane possum removal.


We Are The Leading Possum Removalist in Sutherland Shire

With vast expertise in possum removal, Possum Busters are your top pick for handling any possum-related issues. We’re not mere possum trappers but skilled experts providing swift, compassionate, and efficient solutions customised to your requirements.


How It Works: Our Possum Removal Process

At Possum Busters, we value openness and integrity. Therefore, we will guide you through each stage of our possum removal procedure.


  • Our expert team will thoroughly inspect your property to identify the extent of the possum problem in your home’s roof. 


  • We remove the possums from your roof and possum-proof these areas so they cannot return.


  • Possumbusters will fix all holes to prevent possums from returning into the roof cavity, under the house or any areas that need to be blocked. 

We ensure all areas are fixed to the highest standard with solid materials so the possums cannot break through.


*Please note that we cannot remove possums by law if they are in the yard or close to your home. 


Why Choose Possum Busters for Possum Removal in Sutherland Shire

Selecting the right professionals can greatly influence your experience with possum removal. Possum Busters is a respected name in Sutherland Shire, known for our commitment to customer contentment and humane methods of handling possums.

However, our services extend further than merely eliminating possums. We are also dedicated to providing preventative strategies to prevent upcoming possum issues. Our goal is to assist you in maintaining a possum-free space in your home or property by identifying possible entryways and offering useful tips to discourage possums.


Possum Pest Control Near Me – Our Coverage Areas

Are you in Sutherland Shire and in need of possum pest control? Search no more. Possum Busters provides superior-quality possum removal services across the region, guaranteeing that expert assistance is merely a phone call away.

Attempting to deal with possums through DIY techniques often results in more problems than solutions. Hiring professional possum removers like Possum Busters ensures the job is done right, protecting both you and the possum.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our services or to schedule an appointment.

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Sutherland Shire

Possum Removal

At Possum Busters, we practice Humane Possum removal with a free possum advice hotline.

Sutherland Shire

Possum Boxes

When you install a possum box in a tree in your yard, you are providing the possums with a safe alternative to residing in your roof.

Sutherland Shire

Bird Control

Possum Busters Bird Removal is fast, reliable and 100% guaranteed for 12 months.

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Rodent Control

Possum Busters Rodent Pest Management use top of the range Bell Laboratories Inc products – world leaders in rodent control technology.

Sutherland Shire

Roof Repairs

Possum Busters Roof Repairs service is not just for if you are having issues with possums, rodents or birds. We are cost effective, reliable, fully insured and qualified to handle all of your roof repair needs.

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Roof Plumbing

Possum Busters Roof Plumbing service can help with repairing your roof leaks. We are cost effective, reliable, fully insured and qualified to handle all of your roof plumbing needs.

Sutherland Shire

Real Estate & Strata Agents

Throughout Australia 3,000 strata and real estate agencies use Possum Busters services to humanely relocate possums and other wildlife.

Other Services

Rodent Control

Possum Busters is not just a premier possum removal service in Sutherland Shire. We’re also your top choice for superior rodent control services. Whether you’re dealing with a persistent possum issue or a wide-ranging rodent infestation, our skilled specialists have the equipment and expertise to handle it all.

Our team is extensively trained to conduct in-depth property inspections to identify the primary areas where rodents reside or reproduce. This meticulous approach allows us to tackle the problem at its root, leading to more efficient rodent control.

We take pride in utilising state-of-the-art products from Bell Laboratories Inc., a global leader in rodent control technology. These advanced solutions are guaranteed effective and safe, minimising potential risks to your health or property.



Bird Control

    Disturbed by noises in your roof due to birds? Are bird droppings defacing your property, or are their scratching and chirping sounds disrupting your tranquillity? Perhaps you’re experiencing bites and suspect a mite infestation. If so, Possum Busters has the solution.

    We provide comprehensive bird control services to deliver swift, reliable solutions for your bird-related problems. Our experts will bird-proof your home, ensuring these winged intruders can no longer invade. Moreover, after removing the birds, we’ll treat your property for mite infestations, assuring a serene, pest-free environment.

    Our bird removal service comes with a 100% guarantee for 12 months, providing peace of mind and quality assurance. We pride ourselves in offering the quickest, most courteous professional service in Sutherland Shire, promising prompt resolution to your bird troubles.


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