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Possum boxes offer a compassionate and effective strategy for managing possum populations in residential areas. These eco-friendly solutions provide a safe haven for possums, diverting them from taking residence in less ideal locations like your roof. 

By integrating possum boxes into your property, you’re protecting your home and supporting local wildlife non-invasively.

Possum Boxes

Why Possum Boxes?

Possum boxes present numerous benefits for homeowners looking to manage wildlife interactions responsibly.

Humane Solution

Possum boxes provide a secure environment for possums, keeping them safely away from human living spaces while respecting their habitat rights.

Prevent Roof Damage

Possum boxes offer an attractive alternative to possum nesting in roofs, thereby mitigating potential property damage.


These installations support the balance of local ecosystems, offering an environmentally friendly approach to wildlife management.


How It Works

The effectiveness of a possum box hinges on proper placement, installation, and maintenance.

Site Selection

We guide you on the optimal tree and height for possum box installation to ensure maximum appeal to possums.

Installation Process

Our team expertly secures the possum box, ensuring it’s safely anchored and accessible to possums.

Maintenance Tips

We provide essential care instructions to keep the box inviting and functional as a possum habitat.


Our Possum Boxes

Our range of possum boxes caters to various outdoor spaces and possum needs.

Features and Guarantees

Our possum boxes are built to last, featuring –

  • Durability – constructed from high-quality materials to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Longevity Guarantee – we stand behind the durability of our possum boxes with a longevity guarantee.
  • Follow-up Services – we offer inspection and maintenance services post-installation to ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Ready to contribute to humane possum relocation and eco-friendly wildlife management? Contact us today to arrange your possum box installation. 

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