Professional Possum Removal for Real Estate Agents

Maintaining properties in pristine condition is paramount in the world of real estate. Wildlife, particularly possums, can pose significant challenges, affecting property value and tenant satisfaction. 

Recognising the unique needs of real estate agencies, our professional possum removal services are here to ensure swift, humane solutions to wildlife intrusions. Our commitment to quick response and humane methods positions us as the go-to experts for property management.

Why Choose Us?

With an impressive track record of servicing over 3,000 strata and real estate agencies across Australia, we stand at the forefront of wildlife management. 

Our approach combines humane, licensed, and efficient wildlife removal, setting industry standards for professionalism and care. The team’s expertise ensures the safe removal of wildlife and the prevention of future intrusions, making us a trusted partner for real estate professionals nationwide.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of wildlife removal services, with particular emphasis on those most relevant to real estate properties:

Possum Relocation

We use humane traps and relocation methods to remove possums, adhering to local wildlife regulations safely.

Rodent Control

Our rodent control strategies are designed to effectively manage rat and mouse populations, preventing damage and health risks.

Bird proofing

We implement bird-proofing solutions to prevent nesting and property damage, preserving buildings’ aesthetic and structural integrity.

Special Features for Real Estate Agents

Same-Day Emergency Services 

We understand the urgency of real estate transactions and tenant concerns, so we offer rapid response services to address wildlife issues promptly.

Liaison with Tenants

Our team excels in tenant communication, ensuring smooth service delivery and minimal disruption.

Free Written Quotes & Competitive Pricing

Transparency is key in our operations. We provide free estimates and detailed quotes to ensure billing and competitive pricing clarity.

Professional Repairs and Installations

Post-animal removal, our fully licensed carpenters and trained handymen are equipped to perform professional repairs and installations, restoring properties to their original condition. 

Our commitment to quality and efficiency ensures that real estate properties remain attractive and functional.

Licensing and Insurance

We are licensed with the National Parks and Wildlife and the Environmental Protection Agency, demonstrating our commitment to ethical wildlife management. 

Additionally, our public liability insurance coverage up to $10,000,000 offers peace of mind, ensuring that our services are backed by robust protection.


“From the get-go, their team showcased their vast experience, identifying and solving the possum problem in my home with ease and professionalism.

What stood out most was their humane approach to possum removal. It was evident that they genuinely care for the animals, ensuring they are caught without harm and relocated to suitable environments where they can thrive.

Their services are a true lifesaver. I had a possum issue late at night, and they were at my doorstep ready to help in no time flat, showcasing their commitment to customer satisfaction.

One of the things I appreciated most was their comprehensive approach. Not only did they remove the possums, but they also identified entry points, repaired damages, and implemented preventive measures, making sure my home stays possum-free in the long run.

Their pricing was upfront, fair, and competitive, with absolutely no hidden costs – a rarity in today’s market.” – Keith Vincent

Real estate agents seeking efficient, humane wildlife removal services are invited to contact our office for a free consultation or to arrange an emergency service. Let us be your partner in maintaining the value and integrity of your real estate properties.

Ensure your properties are free from wildlife intrusions. Please contact our office at 1300 663 372 or use our contact form to experience unparalleled professional wildlife removal services tailored for the real estate industry.