Possums mainly inhabit areas of woodlands and open forests. In the wild, a possum will usually make its home in the hollow limbs of trees. But because of urbanisation, their habitat has come under increasing threat, forcing more and more of them to make their homes in your roof and sheds in suburban areas all around Sydney. Finding a possum in your roof, is a common occurrence. But a possum is not a household pet and can cause damage. So it should be humanely removed as soon as possible

With a gestation period of only 16 to 18 days and the baby possum staying in the pouch for around 120 days, possums can bread rather quickly and if you don’t remove the possum, you could have a whole family of possums in just a few short months. Possum removal Sydney is very important, as they can carry disease and also do damage to your Sydney property.

Here at Possum Busters, we specialise in possum removal in and around the Sydney area. We even offer an emergency service where we will see that your possum is removed the same day.  All our possum removal specialists were trained by WIRES to make sure they are able to remove possums in a safe and humane manner.

As part of our possum removal program in Sydney, we will also repair the hole the possum entered through, to prevent it from returning.

We have to warn against putting rat poison in your roof to try and get rid of a possum. It is a slow, very painful and inhumane death for the possum. It will smell terrible and cause damage to your property. Rather contact us at Possum Busters for quick and effective possum removal.

Possums are not social animals and are illegal to keep as pets in Sydney. However, if you don’t want the possum completely removed from your premises, you can always consider a possum box. With possum boxes you provide the possum with an alternative habitat, so it won’t nest in your roof.